Here you’ll find answers to the Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question from here, please contact our customer service.

Who can use Bittimaatti?

Anyone who has a bank account in SEPA countries, is able to register a Coinmotion account.

Read more about SEPA countires and the instructions for to open a Coinmotion account here.

Bittimaatti didn't give me my coins, what should I do?

If for one reason or another the ATM doesn’t send you the coins you have just bought, please fill out a claim form.

We process complaints on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm.

Bittimaatti didn't give me my cash, what should I do?

If for one reason or another the ATM doesn’t give you cash after you’ve sold coins, please fill out a claim form.

We process complaints on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm.

Please notice that the selling of coins will fail if you don’t send enough coins to the ATM. Consider the transaction fees of your own wallet application when using our ATMs.

Bittimaatti sent the coins to a wrong address, what should I do?

If you’ve created new addresses in your wallet and you’ve accidentally sent the coins to some of the old addresses, the transaction should arrive to your wallet normally. Old cryptocurrency addresses do not disappear, as long as you have access to the corresponding wallet.

Please be careful when using the ATMs and remember that an inserted bill is a binding buying decision. Cryptos sent to a wrong address cannot be refunded to the customer in any way.

I forgot to pick up my cash after selling coins, how can I get my money back?

When you’re selling coins with Bittimaatti, sometimes the ATM asks a phone number to which it’ll send an SMS once you can withdraw the cash. This usually happens with bigger withdrawals.

After receiving the SMS, you have one day (24 hours) of time to go and pick up your cash. If you forgot to do it, or simply didn’t have time, please fill out a claim form.

We will refund you as soon as we have revised the transaction. The refund takes 1-2 days in case there’s nothing unusual in the transaction.

Does Bittimaatti have limits in selling or buying?

After the law regarding identification was put into force, you can make single transactions of 5000€ with a light identification up to 10,000€, after which you must create yourself a Coinmotion account.

What does the sell- and buy limit of 10,000€ mean?

The limit of 10,000€ is related to the law that came into force on 1.12.2019, and the limits it sets to transactions. You can use the ATMs by identifying yourself with banking credentials or with mobile verification normally with a 5000€ single transaction limit until 10,000€, after which you must create a Coinmotion account.

When you’re using the ATM, you’re identifying with your banking credentials. This is a so-called “light” identification, which by law gives you the right to make transactions with out ATMs up until 10,000€ (during your whole customership; this is not a daily or a montlhy limit).

When you make a Coinmotion account, you will be required not only the banking credentials, but also a KYC-form and other personal information. This is a so-called “strong identification”, which by law gives you the right to make an unlimited amount of transactions using out ATMs.

Does Bittimaatti have enough balance?

If you’re going crypto-shopping  but you’re having doubts on if the ATM has enough balance, you can check the balance from here before going to the ATM.

Scroll down the page to “Locations” where you’ll find the maximum single transaction balance available and status of each ATM in Finland. If the status is Online, the ATM works normally. However, if the status is Offline, that particular ATM is momentarily out of order.