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Finland's Bitcoin ATM network

Buy and sell bitcoins with cash!




Latest news:

Seuraavien automaattien kryptojen myyntitoiminto on jälleen käytettävissä.

Superpesula, Dixi, Itis, Seinäjoki, Pori sekä Rovaniemi

Pahoittelemme palvelussa ollutta häiriötä.

2.8.2023 Disruptions may occur with the Itis ATM due to power supply problems due to the renovation of the shopping center.

30.82022 Lahti Trio ATM has been moved to ground floor. ATM can be found in thesame Space as the Otto-ATM is.

1.7.2022 Announcement: Finnvape ATMs in Helsinki and Espoo will stop operating today, Friday, July 1, 2022, due to the closure of the business premises. Due to practical reasons, the Helsinki machine closes already in the morning, and the Espoo machine closes in the afternoon by 16:00 at the latest. The Superpesula  near the Ruoholahti metro station and Itis machine in Helsinki are serving normally.

20.6.2022 Finnvape stores in the Helsinki railway station tunnel and Iso-Omena in Espoo are closed and for this reason the ATMs in the stores are not available. Other ATMs in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area are available normally (Superpesula, Itis and Dixi). We apologize for the situation.

10.05.2022 The sale side of the Seinäjoki ATM is currently out of use. We apologize for the situation.

We are happy to answer questions related to the use of the vending machine at [email protected] and from 10 am to 2 pm during our customer service phone hours on +358 600 15521 (2,19€/min + local/mp), you can reach Bittimaatti’s support by choosing an option 2

Our phone service is to help all our ATM users  facing questions or relating problems with our ATMs usage or operation. We kindly aks our all customers to spend few minutes in our pages FAQ part before starting to use our ATMs.

We are using antimicrobial protective films on the screens of the ATMs has begun to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria.




Hamina – Kauppakulma
Status – Online
Sales balance – 3500

Helsinki – Itäkeskus
Status – Online
Sales balance – 4810


Helsinki – Superpesula
Status – Online
Sales balance – 4720

Jyväskylä – Tawast
Status – Online
Sales balance- 4800

Levi ATM

Kittilä – Levi
Status – Offline
Sales balance- 3500

Kuopio – Aapeli
Status – Online
Sales balance- 4860

Trio kauppakeskus

Lahti – Trio
Status – Online
Sales balance- 4140

Hobitti - Iso-Kristiina

Lappeenranta – Iso-Kristiina
Status – Online
Sales balance- 5000

Bittimaatti Oulu

Oulu – Valkea
Status – Online
Sales balance- 4640


Pori – Puuvilla
Status – Online
Sales balance- 5000


Rovaniemi – Revontuli
Status – Online
Sales balance- 2200


Seinäjoki – Megakeskus
Status – Online
Sales balance- 5000

Tampere – Tullintori
Status – Online
Sales balance- 5000

Turku – Skanssi
Status – Online
Sales balance- 3650

Vantaa – Dixi
Status – Online
Sales balance- 5000

Here you can see the locations of our currents ATMs, their status and their maximum single withdraw amount available. If you’d like to suggest new locations for ATMs, or in turn are interested in maintaining one in your business premises, contact our customer service here!

What is a Bittimaatti ATM?

Bittimaatti ATMs are cash machines meant for buying and selling Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. You can both buy curptocurrencies such as bitcoins with cash and sell them in exchange for cash withdrawal.

We recommend you to get familiar with cryptocurrencies before making a buying decision. You can find more information on cryptos from the blog of Coinmotion. Coinmotion is a cryptocurrency trading platform provided by our parent company Prasos Oy.

To make selling or buying transactions, you need a mobile wallet meant for cryptocurrencies. We are not responsible for the mobile wallets of our customers nor the storing of our customers’ funds. Thus, please make sure you know where you’re sending your cryptos to. One of the features that make Bitcoin uninque, are the irreversible transactions that cannot be cancelled after the payment is done. Please notice that a bill insterted into the ATM is a binding buying decision!

Please find instructions for the ATMs here, and terms of service from here.

    Company behind Bittimaatti network

    The Finnish enterprise Prasos Cash Management Oy was founded in fall 2018 under the parent company Prasos Oy. However, the story begun already in 2015, when the first ATM was installed to the business premises of Levykauppa Äx in Helsinki railway station. You can still find that first ATM from the exact same place, even though the entrepreneur in those premises has changed to Finnvape. Few people knew about cryptocurrencies when the first Bittimaatti emerged, and bitcoin’s price was somewhere around 200€. The regulators of Finland or the EU didn’t have a clue of the existence of cryptos, and if someone mentioned Bitcoin in a conversation, they probably had a mocking tune.

    Now, after six years, things look very different. Finland’s only bitcoin ATM network business has survived the growing pains of a small company, and the lack of regulation and general uncertainty that has tormented the whole cryptocurrency industry in the past years. Nowadays we have ATMs in ten different locations around Finland, and as one of the first actors in the crypto industry, we have registered as a regulated Virtual Asset Service Provider through Finland’s financial supervisory authority FIN-FSA. Prasos Cash Management was separated from the parent company to grow and become an independent, standalone business, and two years later the daughter company was granted the Achievers -certificate from a well-known business media Kauppalehti.

    We will continue growing and developing our ATM network, so that we can guarantee easy transactions with cash, and good customer experiences to all of our clients. We want to thank all of you that have used our ATMs, given us feedback that enables us to improve ourselves, and stayed with us as cryptocurrencies have grown internationally to be serious financial instruments and the native currency of the Internet.