Quick and easy way to trade bitcoins

The Bittimaatti Bitcoin ATM allows you to buy Bitcoin with cash. You´ll get the bitcoins immediately.

On this site you can find the locations of our ATM´s, their exchange rate, in-depth instructions and so on.

If you have something in mind, you can contact us by sending an email to [email protected]

You can also reach to our phone support +358 291 701 190 (weekdays 13-15)

Now you can see real time Bittimaatti balances and status updates from this link.


We've made an update required by law to Bittimaatti ATM network on 1.12, which requires customers to identify themselves at bittimaatti.fi/id -site. For international customers who don't have Finnish banking credentials, the identification works through our parent company's Coinmotion -service.

ATM requires a personal QR-access code, which you can receive to your e-mail by entering that email at bittimaatti.fi/id -site. Note, that the email has to be same as the one registered to coinmotion.com -site.

Notes about the usage: your Coinmotion account registration needs to be finalized completely in order for you to receive the access codes to email from bittimaatti.fi/id. This is more convenient to do at home, as it may take some more minutes that you are comfortable standing at the ATM. The access codes are valid for 1 hour and can only be used for one transaction.

We're also aware about a couple bugs linked to this update. Most encountered is the "Booting" screen bug, which occurs if the access code is not shown to scanner quickly enough or you return to home screen too quickly from scanning screen. We are working to fix these ASP. If you encounter any problems or want to give feedback, please contact our customer service at [email protected].

"The country's first Bitcoin ATM network expanded to Tampere and Turku."

"Europe's First Bitcoin ATM Installed in Finland."

"Banknotes are fed to the device just like into a vending machine."

ATM buy price


ATM sell price


All fees are included in the exchange rate. The exchange rate varies according to the market situation. The real market price can be seen on the Bittiraha.fi front page.